Coming Soon

This page delineates features and capabilities that are coming soon.

Improved Clarity for Analysis Results

We’re improving how we present information so you never have to think twice to understand what you’re looking at on our UI.

Integrations: Correlate Multiple Data Sources

We’re working hard to set up APIs to enable AGILITY’s users to automate file uploads to AGILITY for E2E hands-off continuous network validation.

Call Flow Comparative Analysis (Against a Golden Flow)

Soon, users will be able to troubleshoot with juxtaposition using call flow comparative analysis diagrams. We’re creating a comparative analysis for call flows that will allow users to compare call flows extracted by AGILITY against golden flows. This new capability will enable easier identification of failures in the flow and guide the rapid identification of the root causes for failures by precisely pinpointing the network elements in the flow that resulted in errors. Call flow comparisons will be made at the procedural level and displayed in the form of a side-by-side diagram allowing users to filter by procedure.

Network Slicing

We’re creating a new capability that will allow users to filter flows by Network Slice to quickly identify virtualized and independent logical networks on the same physical network.

Call Flow Performance Indicator

Our soon-to-be-release Call Flow Performance Indicator will help users ensure Quality of Service with key call flow KPIs.