Release Notes

We’re always optimizing AGILITY. Use this page to keep track of what’s new.

Release Version 3

Iteration 66

What’s New

  • AGILITY’s new Flow Extractions tab allows you to accelerate protocol-level issue isolation. The Flow Extractions tab supports all of the existing network services in AGILITY, including:

    • *Voice and Video over LTE **

    • Voice and Video over New radio

    • 4G & 5G NSA connectivity*

    • 5G SA Connectivity*

    • 5G SA Mobility (EPSfallback)

    • 5G SA Data (might delete)

    • Special Services - e911


  • The Per Protocol Level Analysis tab was added to the Call Flow Details page to allow users to view a summary of the selected call flow; it provides a bird’s eye view of every protocol within the selected flow, making it an excellent starting point for quick low-effort analyses that provide significant actionable insights.


  • The Analyzed Call Flows list was made collapsable to improve user viability of the Call Flow Details page.

  • A user feedback survey was added to AGILITY to gather insights for continuous product optimization.

Bug Fixes

  • The expandable Elements Detailed Information panel now contains Message Attributes.


  • Labels were created to help users easily identify when newly uploaded files (PCAPs uploaded for analysis) have failed to process.

  • Sample files for mock predictions were restored.

  • Comprehensive Service Coverage was enabled to support troubleshooting across services, including:

    • Support for 5G SA Connectivity Service*

    • Support for 4G & 5G NSA Connectivity *

    • Support for VONR

    • Support for Special Services E911

    • Support for 5G SA Mobility EPSFallback

    • Support for 5G SA Data (if available)

  • Internal sign-up options were removed from the sign-up flow for increased usability.

  • The expandable Element’s Detailed Information panel was added to the Sequence Diagram to display Descriptions and Details for network elements.

Iteration 67

What’s New

  • Reintroduction of Legacy features on the new UI, including:

    • The ability to select specific results to explore them in depth.

    • Tallys of: the total number of call flows, the total number of network elements, the total number of protocols, and the total number of procedures.

    • The Call Flow Details card displays: Start Date and Time, Duration, IMSI, MSISDN, Device Type, B Number, Call Lag, and Header Size.

    • The Results tab includes Protocol Level Analysis, Flow Extractions, Call Flow (multi-view), and KPI Analysis.

  • Call Flow Details can be expanded and collapsed, allowing users to zone in on Call Flow diagrams (the Sequence Diagram & Topology Diagram), ProtocolLevel Analysis, Flow Extractons, and Diagnostics.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved unresponsiveness on the Per Protocol Evaluation level for 5G SA connectivity.

  • Resolved the unintuitive scrolling direction encountered on the Play feature for the Call Flow visualization tab.

  • Ensured compatibility with .cap file uploads on AGILITY.

  • Restored labeling functionality to Failed call flows that were missing labels.

  • Remedied Topology Diagram views wherein the Network functions per domain were misrepresented.

Iteration 68

Track, visualize & analyze subscriber-specific activity for network troubleshooting & optimization.

What’s New

  • AGILITY’s new High-Level Summary page allows you to identify analyses with the highest failure rates at the outset of the troubleshooting process. (Individual subscribers are classified by Impacted International Subscriber Identity (IMSI number).

  • Improved fonts for increased readability.

Bug Fixes

  • User access to partially completed ML analysis sessions has been blocked to prevent user-end confusion. Partially completed analyses will remain “In Progress” while the backend retries the prediction multiple times before determining that the analysis has failed.

Iteration 69

What’s New on the UI

  • Isolate Root Casues with Diagnostics: Users are now able to view the root causes for network errors; AGILITY’s new Diagnostics tab uses deep root cause analysis to expose the root causes for network errors.

  • Enhanced readability of Protocol Level Analysis HTTP2 sublabels.

  • Added HTTP2 Details to Callflow Visualizer and Flow Extractions. On the Sequence Diagram, users can filter by HTTP2 if the protocol is http2 or SIP. On the Call Flow Details page, under the Flow Extractions tab, users can select a sequence and then select the message’s Attributes button to view metadata for the selected frame number.

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Monitoring and Observability: We’ve created a dashboard with stats that monitor our tool's performance, including:

    • average time spent parsing each chunk of call flows,

    • average time spent preparing analytics

  • Test automation: We enhanced test automation by adding 19 new automated tests covering Auto Detection, 5G Mobility service, and High-Level Summary.

  • Added VONR Call detection based on HTTP2, VoLTE to our ML model library.

  • Created a VS Code SME Tool kit to help troubleshoot offsite

  • Set up end-to-end (E2E) test automation for sequence and topology diagrams. Our E2E testing includes tests validating the following:

    • all network elements are presented,

    • all domains presented without unknowns,

    • correct network elements are assigned to the correct domain,

    • there are no duplications of network elements in each domain, the numbers of network elements, or the protocols detected,

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue wherein AGILITY’s backend service accepted null and undefined user IDs.

  • Remedied inaccurate depictions of connections between disconnected network elements on the Topology diagram (Such as connections between User Equipment and the Mobility Management Entity.

Iteration 70

What’s New on the UI

  • View Colleagues' Analyses: We’ve increased knowledge sharing and transparency by adding the “Others' Analyses” tab to the My Analyses page. The “Others' Analyses” tab allows users to access analyses conducted by other team members.

  • Email Notifications for Analysis Results: We’re creating a User Settings page to facilitate Email Notification configuration. From the User Settings page, users will be able to:

    • Create and modify email notification lists for analysis result dissemination

    • Set their own email notification receipt preferences.

  • Easily Identify Call Flows with Network Errors: On the My Analyses list, we’ve added red exclamation point error icons beside Call Flows containing network errors so that users can fast-track troubleshooting by sporting network issues quickly. We’ve also added Yellow exclamation point error icons.

  • Filter by Message: On the sequence Diagram, users can use the Messages filter to refine the results depicted on the diagram.

  • Comprehensive Protocol Level Analysis: On the Call Flow Details page, under the Protocol Level Analysis tab, we’ve exposed more protocol attributes. Initially, the Protocol Level Analysis tab exposed SIP & HTTP2 protocols. Now, the feature also exposes PFCP, GTPV, S1AP_NAS, and more.

  • Service Auto Detection Update: We’ve added a popup on our new Service Auto Detection Feature to inform users that occasional processing errors may occur as we continue to improve the feature’s performance.

  • Unification of our Service Models on AGILITY: We’ve migrated all of our Service Models from the Legacy edition of AGILITY to the New AGILITY.

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Additional validation was added for AGILITY’s Topology and Sequence diagrams to ensure accuracy. 

  • AGILITY Registry:  We’ve created a repository with a Python script that allows all agility applications to be in one central authority. 

  • Service Auto-Detection Beta Warning: To improve the accuracy of our Service Auto-Detection feature, we set up a registry for cross-referencing.

Bug Fixes

  • We resolved a glitch where uploads of VoNR PCAPs were producing duplicate network element depictions on the Sequence Diagram.  

Iteration 71

What’s New on the UI

  • Multi-File Processing: AGILITY now allows users to process multiple files uploaded in a zip in a single analysis.

  • Multi-File Processing Email Notifications: We’ve set up new email notifications that complement multi-file processing. Users who process (a) network analysis/analyses receive a notification email summarizing the analysis/analyses run. The email notification also lists files where call flows weren’t detected, prompting users to take remedial action when necessary.

  • User Feedback on Predictions: For continuous ML Model improvement, users can now provide feedback concerning the accuracy of call flow analysis results. Feedback icons are located on the Call Flow Details screen, where users can select thumbs up to agree with the analysis result or thumbs down to disagree.

  • Display Analysis Results for Partially Analyzed Call Flows: Now, AGILITY displays partial results for incomplete analyses. This means that data will still be available for review when a file is stuck in the processing status.

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Expanded Coverage to all Services: Coverage now includes the following Service types;

    • 4g-5g-NSA

    • 5g-SA

    • 5g-Mobility

    • VoNR

    • VoNR

  • Improved Execution Time: We migrated our test suit framework to Playwright to improve execution time:

    • 4g-5g-NSA

    • 5g-SA

    • 5g-Mobility

    • VoNR-Cisco​

    • VoNR-Dish​

      • Previous execution time from Cypress:

      • Current execution time with parallelism in Playwright:

Bug Fixes

  • Functional Prediction Failure Procedures:

    • Previously:

      • Analysis reports were systematically discarded when a prediction failed

    • Now:

      • Reports are downloaded for any analysis/analyses that encounter prediction failures.

      • AGILITY depicts the call flows within the files uploaded for any analysis/analyses.

  • On the Call Flow Details page, we rectified duplicate messages appearing on the Message filter drop-down located on the Call Flow Details page.

Iteration 72

  • User-friendly UI Messages, Warnings and Prompts:

    • Added UI messaging and guidance when AGILITY cannot find call flows in your trace files.

    • Clear messaging is provided to users to inform them when AGILITY is unable to detect call flows in the uploaded file(s) thereby allowing for remediate action.. If a user uploads a zip file containing many files and any of the files fail to generate a call flow, a warning icon and the file name will be displayed.

  • Filter analyses by status - Under Advanced Filters, find your analyses that are processing, completed, completed with errors, or processing error (could not be completed).

  • Improved User Experience for Running Analyses:

    • File selection/upload and service selection are separated, and a second step is added to pick services. 

    • Modify placeholder so that it displays the number of services selected rather than their names, and for automatic service discovery, render enabled auto-detection

    • For each type of file selection, a previous button has been included so that users may go back and forth to pick different filenames. 

  • Analysis Page View Update:

    • Added Count of Prediction Results of each status

    • The charts for IMSI Distribution, Call Flows Distribution, and Call Flows Distribution by Service have all been updated.

  • New Start Analysis Flow

    • File selection/upload and service selection are separated, and a second step is added to pick services. 

    • Modify placeholder so that it displays the number of services selected rather than their names, and for automatic service discovery, render enabled auto-detection

    • For each type of file selection, a previous button has been included so that users may go back and forth to pick different filenames. 

  • Exposing APN Attribute

    • Exposing APN attributes inside flow extraction and message details.


  • Present Diameter Sublabel in Tabular View
    Present the diameter as a tabular view in the protocol-level analysis section.

  • E2E

•Added smoke tests as part of the deployment process (currently testing on dev)

•Added 17 new tests for label validations for each supported service (volte_telus is in progress)

•Added logic to handle CSV files and create dynamic tests based on that.

•Adapt existing tests to new UI changes (in progress)

  • The SIP reason header now appears in the UI in Flow extractions:

  • KPI Analysis tab added to the Call Flow Details page. You can now view a list of supported Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their values. You can also search using the KPI name.

  • Improved messaging for email notifications - a high-level summary and clearer text

  • PCAP file names are now included in the Call Flow section. The original file name allows you to navigate and manage call flows more effectively.

  • Access the AGILITY Knowledge Base through the AGILITY home page Quick Start Tutorial button.

  • Terminology clarification in the Call Flow Details section to “classification” instead of “root error”.

  • Leave feedback on label accuracy - the AGILITY team will use your comments to improve the AI

  • Keep the network functions visible when scrolling in the Call Flow Details screen.

  • Color tags implemented for each label:

    • green: success

    • yellow: warning

    • red: failure

    • gray: unknown

  • Updated the RCA table to show E911 diagnostic data.

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Updates to include the following KPIs in the API:

    • device_time_for_session_establishment

    • call_setup_time

    • call_duration

    • device_time_to_registration

  • Adding elements to implement application and user settings from the AGILITY UI

  • Adding backend requirements to give more guidance when no call flows are found.

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-6929 - Data displays after analysis is completed rather than requiring a refresh.

  • SDAA-6894 - Duplicate records in Call Flow analysis removed.

  • SDAA-3392 - Filter by name is now working correctly.

Iteration 73

What’s New on the UI

  • You can now jump directly from an element in Call Flow Details > Call Flow to the element in the Flow Extraction tab. Select the call flow element and from the Element’s Detailed Information window, select Message Attributes.

  • Additional attributes for S1AP, Diameter, NGAP, and SIP have been added in the Flow Extractions tab.

  • The email sent by AGILITY confirming the status of your network analysis now includes a direct link to your High Level Summary in AGILITY.

  • 5G Network Slicing is now visualized in AGILITY. You can also group call flows by Network Slice. This added level of filtering and organization further enhances troubleshooting optimization.

Iteration 74

What’s New in the UI

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Creation of new test validations

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-7399 - Fixed sample file downloading.

Iteration 75

What’s New in the UI

  • Leave positive feedback on label accuracy - the AGILITY team will use your comments to improve the AI

  • Enhanced KPI Analysis - Using  AGILITY's KPI Analysis tab in the Call Flow Details screen, you can assess your analysis results against your Key Performance Indicators, including device session establishment time, call setup duration, and more. Now view KPIs for latency.

  • Administrators can edit KPI values and thresholds from the AGILITY UI - go to Settings > Application Settings to edit the values for your team.

  • View only the errors in the Sequence Diagram. Addition of a Show Errors Only button in the Call Flow tab.

  • Summaries of errors, causes, and failures in the Sequence Diagram along with time stamp, source node, destination node and frame number, ordered in chronological order. Click the summary in the ladder to open the Element’s Detailed Information window.

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Optimizing the way we slice the data from the user feedback feature to improve predictions.

  • New integration tests for the AGILITY API

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-7470 - Fixed layout breaks in Flow Extraction.

API Updates

Enhancements to the AGILITY API.

Iteration 76

What’s New in the UI

  • Ability to add a link to a related ticket in the AGILITY call flow interface to help quickly access and navigate to associated issue details without leaving the AGILITY platform.

  • Network functions responsible for failure are now available as a chart in the High-Level Summary.

  • KPIs available in the Call Flow Details drop-down list are now moved to the KPI Analysis tab.

  • Time difference feature now allows you to view the time difference between requests/responses in the Sequence Diagram (supported for VoLTE services).

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Improvements to our testing environment.

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-7490 - Fixed formatting for PFCP sublabels.

  • SDAA-8004 - Fixed errors that showed “Processing file” on Community version for older files.

  • SDAA-7894 - Fixed missing reference values for the control plane in the KPI Analysis feature.

  • SDAA-7737 - Fixed some jobs that had errors but were not reporting errors.

API Updates

Enhancements to the AGILITY API. - Fetch triggered files with Analysis ID


Iteration 77

What’s New in the UI

  • Improvements to the Show time difference display in the Call Flow tab.

  • Network KPIs tab on the High-Level Summary page to assess network performance.

  • Update EULA agreement

  • New look for Application Settings page

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • More support for failure indications.

  • Feedback collection for success classification

  • Updates for labels for services

  • Model improvements and optimizations

  • Backend alarm improvements

  • QA validation of partial call flows

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA -7317: Sub-labeler missing UEa to oPCSCF call leg

API Updates

  • New Webhooks integration for AGILITY. Webhooks allow you to monitor events on your AGILITY account, enabling your integrations to automatically trigger reactions.

Iteration 78

What’s New in the UI

  •  Rework AGILITY landing page to be more functional with link to documentation and contact us:


  • Standardized display headings for Call Flow Details to make it more readable:

  • Keep previous state context on “My Analyses” when navigating for call flow, network slices analysis.

  • Show the relative file path in Call Flow Details.

  • Additional clarity added to threshold settings for Network Level KPIs.

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Added coverage and improvements to our testing suites

  • Migrated Codefresh jobs

  • Refactoring function that waits for analysis to complete - API

  • Updated dependencies to ensure security on backend

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-8584: Application Settings - NF Host Mappings- Add new entry populates the last saved mapping

  • SDAA-5316: Multiple mappings removed from NF Host Mappings with one click

  • SDAA-8527: Problem with max value in GET summary API call

  • SDAA-8506: Frame details not clickable when time difference is enabled

  • SDAA-8440: Zoomin/out buttons not working properly

  • SDAA-8397: Empty message cause filter on Sequence Diagram

  • SDAA-8310: Filter error while using Processing file status

Iteration 79

What’s New in the UI

  •  Enhancements for Subscriber ID filtering and visibility in Call Flow and High Level Summary view.

  • Select All services by default when starting a new analysis in AGILITY.

  • Diagnostics improvements - add analysis-id and callflow_key to PUT diagnostics - API

  • Show root error on Sequence Diagram

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Apply queries to the CubeJS definition on backend

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-8764: Host Mappings - edit state is maintained for item not being edited

  • SDAA-8763: Host Mappings: Entry disappears when creating multiple entries

  • SDAA-6745: Not navigating back after clicking Flow Extraction tab

  • SDAA-8538: Application settings - Webhooks send test button enabled after invalid URL format

API Updates

  • Expand coverage to /v1/analysis/{analysis_id}/file endpoint


Iteration 80

What’s New in the UI

  • Better human readable labels from AGILITY prediction output

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • CubeJS backend work

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-9058: Application Settings - email configuration error updating

  • SDAA-9036: Call Flow Details filter not working properly for specific scenarios

  • SDAA-9033: No data displaying for 5G SA Mobility

  • SDAA-8933: Subscriber view going back to Call Flow view after reset

  • SDAA-8867: Incorrect KPI unit for Control Plane Latency

  • SDAA-8816: Host Mapping missing ipv4/6 validation on fields

  • SDAA-7928: Standardize display for call flow details


Iteration 82

What’s New in the UI

  • Change your call flow time to your time zone or UTC.

  • Call flow Analysis Filter improvements

  • Call flow Analysis Filters sorting groups

  • Improved Analysis Filter search for Network Slicing

  • Improvements to filtering and sorting of Analyses - filter options adapt dynamically with selected filtering.

  • Autoloader configuration set set up automatic ingestion from the AGILITY UI (Admin only)

  • Improved transparency for PNG and SVG exported call flow diagrams

  • Rename Numbers Detected and KPIs to Analysis Insights and Analysis KPIS in High Level Summary

  • Call Flow-Level sidebar call flows now organized by ascending order to correspond with the start date and time logic.

  • Added suggested browsers and versions to the documentation.

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Improving Diagnostic E2E testing

  • Preparing backend for comparative analysis

  • Added KPI values validation

  • Metrics collection for failed analyses

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-9201: Intermediate page error when clicking Subscribers detected

  • SDAA-9199: Root Error Network Element - Empty option not doing anything

  • SDAA-9198: New Filters - Subscriber - Cannot fetch subscriber list

  • SDAA-9197: Multiple filters not working as expected

  • SDAA-9196: File Name - "Matches" File pattern type not working for full name

  • SDAA-9195: File Name - Starts With not working with _ character


Iteration 83

What’s New in the UI

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • Improving Diagnostic E2E testing

  • Add coverage for SMS ove NAS 5GS service

  • Cross browser UI tests added

  • Adapt to new model output

  • VM verification

  • Add new categories for call flow

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-8994: Sequence Diagram zoom in/out not following correctly

  • SDAA-9509: Network KPI not available for 4G5G NSA model

  • SDAA-9563: [Agility UI] Hosts IP & network elements values are being duplicated while mapping

  • SDAA-9575: UI - Callflow Details - Filters not working on Sequence Diagram

  • SDAA-9600: File Name - UI - Autoloader Setting - Services - Auto-Detection option is not being saved

  • SDAA-9611: SFTP autoloader is not working

  • SDAA-9685: Filtering by service times out


Iteration 84

What’s New in the UI

  • UI collects feedback like the API and validates the information for model training

  • Improvements to the Call Flow Details window

  • You can filter their call flows to view by network function (Advanced)

  • Protocol Level Analysis renamed to Protocol Analyzer

  • Continuous updating of host mapping list

  • AGILITY release version now shown in navigation pane

  • Introduction of Packet Analyzer

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • E2E - UI Autoloader test automation

  • Prep work for new service flow implementation

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-9949: Network Functions with Failure filter is not showing all NE’s to select

  • SDAA-9946: Issue while submitting feedback

  • SDAA-9922: Analysis Date Range in filtering is not working

  • SDAA-9921: Model selection problem in multiple PCAPs

  • SDAA-9848: Autoloader - S3 pipeline cannot be saved

  • SDAA-9847: IPv6 shortened form not working in the host mapping

  • SDAA-9827: Diagnostics Tab - Individual Feedback is not being saved after coming back to the view

  • SDAA-9825: Callflow freezing after enabling filters

  • SDAA-9816: [prefect autoloader - SFTP -] seems we dont support different type of ssh keys

  • SDAA-9806: Sequence Diagram - Zoom In Issue

  • SDAA-9803: Misleading message on Hosts IP & Network Elements Mapping

  • SDAA-9775: Host Mapping: Mappings Overriding Instead of Appending

  • SDAA-9192: Sidebar Filtering bugs- Network Function with failure


Iteration 85

What’s New in the UI

What We’re Doing Behind the Scenes

  • E2E - Host Mapping file uploads

  • UI dialog for collecting similarity prediction feedbacks

Bug Fixes

  • SDAA-10259: UI - Additional Feedback - Negative scenario not working

  • SDAA-10104: Key components like gen Call-ID, User-agent, P-Preferred service & Security-Verify are missing

  • SDAA-10100: Autoloader - File Max Added Date is required

  • SDAA-10085: UI - Autoloader Setting - Reset button is not working

  • SDAA-10039: Settings - Host Mappings - Manual entry data is not working

  • SDAA-10037: Sample files are failing to download

  • SDAA-9922: Analysis Date Range in filtering is not working

  • SDAA-9921: Model selection problem in multiple PCAPs