Start a new analysis

Choose your network data capture files

AGILITY analyzes the information from network data capture files (PCAPs (packet captures)) into actionable insights.

To start a new analysis, you can upload your PCAP file, select a previously uploaded file, or run a mock analysis using a sample network data capture file.

Note: The maximum allowable PCAP upload size on the AGILITY UI is 95 MB PCAP per analysis session.

  1. Select Start a New Analysis from the side navigation panel.


    The Start a New Analysis page opens.

  2. Choose your analysis path:

Upload New File

AGILITY supports:

  • pcap

  • .pcapng

  • .cap

  • .zip

You can only upload one file at a time.

Upload a network data capture file:

  1. You can upload a file to run an analysis on the New File Uploads page.

    1. To upload a new network data capture file for analysis, click New Upload.

    2. Select Browse or drag and drop your files into the Upload File panel.

    Your file name will appear on the Upload File panel.

Select Existing File(s)

To use previously uploaded network data capture files:

  1. Click Select Existing File.

a) Search for the file by name.


b) Expand the folder and file drop-downs and choose the desired file.

2. Check the box beside the desired sample file to select it for analysis.

Preview an Analysis

To run a mock analysis using a pre-uploaded sample file:

  1. Click Choose Sample.

  2. Select your file:

Select your service

You can select the service you wish to analyze. If you choose auto-detection, all services AGILITY is able to detect will be analyzed.

  1. Expand the Service List drop-down list

  2. Select a service type(s) from the list and select Next.

Service Auto-Detection

If you do not select a service, AGILITY Service-Auto-Detection automatically detects the service type affiliated with your file upload.

Run Analysis

After your have selected your files and service, you are ready to analyze.

  1. Select Run Analysis.

    Wait for the analysis to run. When the analysis is ready to view, the Analyses list will display the file name with the label completed.

  2. Select the analysis.

    The High-Level Summary opens.


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