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This guide aims to teach users how to automate network data analyses with AGILITY, thereby accelerating troubleshooting and validation by 10X.

AGILITY’s Key Features

  • Third-party tool integrations

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for full traceability and seamless software changes

  • User-friendly UI for reviewing test results

  • Failure prediction and root cause analysis for network optimization and monetization

  • AGILITY API for easier integration

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Table of Contents


Discover what AGILITY is and how it works.


Everything you need to install, configure, and start using AGILITY.

AGILITY API and Webhooks

Use AGILITY API and setup webhooks.

Service coverage and Model Coverage

Understand the service models and what they cover.

Administrator tasks

Manage users and AGILITY settings.

Navigate the AGILITY Homepage

Understand the homepage.

Start a new analysis

Upload network packet captures (PCAPs).

View your High-Level Summary

  • Navigate the UI to view automated analyses.

  • Understand AGILITY’s functionalities & capabilities.

  • Understand Service type autodetection & manual Service Model selection.

Analyze Results

Use AGILITY’s capabilities to accelerate troubleshooting and validation.


Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Release Notes

Release notes for AGILITY.


A list of standard terms for reference.

AGILITY Quick Start

  1. Log in to AGILITY.

  2. Upload network capture files or select previous analyses.

  3. View the High Level Summary page for your analysis.

  4. Choose a Details page to view AGILITY'S insights derived from your network capture files.

  5. Use the information on the Details page to zone in on the root cause by isolating the Network Element(s), Protocol(s), and/or messages that catalyzed network failure(s).