View results in Call Flow Details

What is an AGILITY Call Flow?

Call flows help provide a comprehensive understanding of the communication process and are essential for troubleshooting, analysis, and optimization in telecommunication networks.

Call flows depict the various stages and processes involved in establishing, managing, and terminating a call, including signaling, routing, and protocol interactions. AGILITY includes not only end-to-end calls (UEa - UEb) but also connectivity between UEa and the network (4G5G NSA, 5G SA) to include, voice, video, and data streaming.

About The Call Flow Details page

The Call Flow Details Page provides all of the key insights derived from network captures, including:

  • The file name and classification of the call flow

  • The Service type affiliated with the packet captures analyzed

  • Call Flow Diagrams, including the Sequence diagram and the Topology diagram.

  • Protocol Level Analysis

  • Flow Extractions for message attributes

  • Diagnostics

  • KPI Analysis

Note: You need to run or select an analysis in order to view call flow details.


To view the Call Flow Details page:

  1. Select an Analysis file.

  2. Select the See Details icon to view all Call Flows, call flows by Subscriber (IMSI or MSISDN), or call flows by Network Slices, Detected or with Failures, on the High-Level Summary cards.


    You’ll be redirected to the Call Flow Details for the selected analysis/analyses.


Optional Pro Tip: Click the arrow to collapse the Analysis List and expand the Call Flow Details area.

View call flow result statuses

You can view the status of your call flow results in the Analysis List next to the Call Flow Details.

Call flow result statuses:






If your call flow analysis has the Result Status Success, the call flow was completed without any warnings or errors.


If your call flow analysis has the Result Status Unknown, there isn't enough information available to determine the outcome of the call definitively.


If your call flow analysis has the Result Status Failed, AGILITY detected (a) network failure(s) that require your attention.


If your call flow analysis has the Result Status Warning, the call succeeded overall, but there are certain elements, conditions, or errors that should be noted or monitored.

View Basic Call Flow Details information

To view additional information, including the IMSI, MSISDN, device type, start date and time, and file path. without leaving the Call Flow Details window, select the drop-down arrow next the the Call Flow Details heading.

You can set the call flow times to show as your time zone or UTC. See for more information.

View the error classification

If you have an identifiable error in your call flow, it displays at the top of the Call Flow Details page.

Select the arrow next to Classification to expand the section: